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The Competent Learner Model©  is an intensive, individualized teaching program designed to improve participation using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), precision teaching and direct instruction. The products and services on this site have been developed over 30 years making the Competent Learner Model a tried, tested and true approach to successful engagement for learners of ALL ages and abilities. The  goal is to empower learners to be as independent as possible. Of critical importance is the Competent Learner Model’s non-coercive play-based approach, which allows learners as well as parents, caregivers and professionals, the opportunity to succeed in creating competency. Several school districts/programs across the US and internationally have successfully implemented the Competent Learner Model.

The Competent Learner Model System integrates:

  • Competent Learner Model Curriculum 
  • Competent Learner Model Course of Study
  • Performance Assessments
  • Action Management Process
  • Coaching
  • Collaborative Consultation

The Competent Learner Model presents step by step instruction that develops the seven Competent Learner Model repertoires that learners need in order to progress and function in daily life. These repertoires are based upon B.F. Skinner’s (1957) analysis of functional language that provides a framework for developing communication, observing and listening skills, and the pre-academic skills of reading and writing. The seven Competent Learner Model repertoires are Talker, Observer, Reader, Writer, Participator, Listener and Problem Solver.

Supportive virtual coaching by Certified Competent Learner Model Coaches or BCBA Certified Competent Learner Model Coaches and other resources are available to help further develop the Competent Learner Model framework to meet the individualized needs of parents, educators and ABA professionals.