AI integration coaching is a terrific option for ABA coaching online. We are an alliance of highly trained ABA professionals. We provide experience and expertise to parents, students of behavior science, and fellow ABA professionals.


Here through the eLearning Store any parent or professional can engage with coaches and educational consultants for AI integration coaching. Coaches and educational consultants collaborate with parents to develop effective behavior interventions across all settings. This same group of talented professionals supervises behavior analyst trainees. They also work with those seeking to expand and hone their precision teaching skills.


ABA coaching online and online supervision at the eLearning Store are grounded in the Competent Learner Model which is a trauma informed, play based, non-coercive approach to developing life skills and learning competencies in ALL learners. Those wishing to dig deeper into the Competent Learner Model can also access coaches who can facilitate progress through the Competent Learner Model Course of Study.

Karrie Grama-Hatfield, MA


As a Program Coordinator for Tucci Learning Solutions, Karrie works as a supportive strategist who builds AMAZING teams, leveraging data and analytics to prioritize growth opportunities, and providing insights to help teams drive strong results. A self-professed data junkie, Karrie uses an outcomes-based approach to achieve learner progress and team growth. She routinely hosts workshops…