Christina Lovaas

I began my career in the field of Special Education in 1998 serving as a 1:1 aide for a child on the autism spectrum in San Diego, California. That experience inspired me to become a classroom teacher the following year. I was introduced to the Competent Learner Model (CLM) in 2002, when Vicci Tucci (creator of the Competent Learner Model and Founder of Tucci Learning Solutions) began coaching me to implement the CLM in my classroom. I fell in love with the CLM and was astounded at the difference I saw with my learners!

That summer I decided to expand my CLM programming to additional classroom and home program settings, by taking on the leadership role of Coordinator of Behavioral Services with the ABA company Tucci Learning Solutions. Two short years later, I grew into the role of Regional Coordinator, coaching and supporting dozens of local teams in their CLM implementation endeavors.

I served as Regional Coordinator for almost a decade, becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst while collaborating with teams in San Jose, California. I am a CLM Certified Coach and CLM Certified Coordinator. I have served as a lead Coordinator for teams across the state of California and have contributed to numerous virtual coaching projects across the United States.

One of my favorite aspects of coaching is seeing learners and their families form a stronger connection, both to one another and to the outside community. Seeing learners master the skill sets needed to gain independence and live more fulfilling lives is the most gratifying part of my work. Currently, I am the Chief Behavioral Officer and Clinical Director of Tucci Learning Solutions and am completing my Doctorate in Educational Psychology at West Virginia University.