Dr. Andrew Bonner, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew Bonner, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrew Bonner, Ph.D. has extensive experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities in a large range of clinical contexts. His areas of expertise include the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior, skill acquisition, and verbal behavior. In addition, Dr. Bonner is also engaged in several other areas of research. One area aims to evaluate interventions to enhance literacy in under-resourced schools using direct instruction and community organizing. Another involves using family and home-based interventions to improve social-emotional learning and reduce challenging behavior in neurotypical learners. And a third is focused on developing small- and large-scale interventions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Drs. Tony Biglan and Andrew Bonner introduce The Nurture Consilience, a concept that an aggregation of evidence from a diverse range of independent disciplines can serve as a framework for the identification of the conditions that promote wellbeing. Dr. Biglan discusses both nurturing and hindering environments, adverse childhood experiences, prosocial and antisocial behavior, and the deleterious influence of the free-market system. Dr. Bonner introduces Action Circles, problem-solving study groups based on Swedish Study Circles, and possibilities for how they could be designed and implemented. Find the course HERE.


Building off of their first presentation introducing The Nurture Consilience and Action Circles, Drs. Biglan and Bonner create a conversation around utilizing Action Circles and other forms of continuing education as a catalyst for prosocial reformation. This discussion focuses primarily on designing Action Circles and, through education, expanding the traditional comfort zone of behavior analysts in order to combat the problems of social media, higher education, and public health. Find that course HERE.

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