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About Dr. Carl Binder, Ph.D.

Dr. Carl Binder began as a doctoral student in Experimental Psychology, attending Harvard University at the invitation of B.F. Skinner, whose writings had inspired him deeply. With an interest in making a societal contribution, he rapidly shifted from basic research to real world application of behavior science. He first developed innovative instructional methods and teacher training for educators. Subsequently, he later contributed to the emerging field of human performance technology in large organizations. With input from many extraordinary teachers and colleagues, Carl has spent over 40 years bringing his enthusiasm for behavior science into corporations, schools, and public organizations worldwide.

Founder of four consulting firms, recipient of career awards from the American Psychological Association, the International Society for Performance Improvement, and the Organizational Behavior Management Network, prolific author and speaker, Carl believes that the Performance Thinking Network is his best opportunity yet for making a contribution. His ability to synthesize information from multiple fields, communicate complex ideas in plain English to non-specialists, and build excitement about making a difference with behavior science brings an intellectual and emotional spark-plug to The Performance Thinking Network. One of the pillars of Tucci Learning Solution’s Competent Learner Model is fluency-based instruction. Many of TUCCi’s team members use precision teaching in their practice to achieve fluency goals. Some of these BCBAs also coach those learning to use Precision Teaching. You can access Precision Teaching Coaching through the Worldwide Coaching Network located at the eLearning Store. Visit the eLearning Store to access Dr. Binder’s presentation on Behavioral Fluency and Fluency Based Instruction.

About Behavioral Fluency and Fluency Based Instruction

Dr. Carl Binder leads a rich and extensive discussion on the history, advancement, and application of behavioral fluency, and the impacts fluency-based instruction has had on both education and training. Dr. Binder highlights the transformative innovations and innovators that brought forth precision teaching from its roots in free-operant conditioning, details the creation of the standard celeration chart, and does an exceptional job of breaking down a great wealth of practical knowledge and techniques for the application of behavioral fluency methodology. Find that course HERE.

 About Integrating Organizational Values with Operational Performance

Carl Binder from the Performance Thinking Network™  joins Gladys Williams, Richard Laitinen, and colleagues in a dynamic discussion about the Six Boxes model. This user-friendly, systems-based approach that empowers organizations and leaders to apply proven strategies to their organizational culture. Using the Six Boxes framework, managers can gain the skills needed to become leaders and are equipped with tools to engineer workplace environments. That increases work output, improves performance, strengthens teams, and ultimately achieves and exceeds both small and broad outcomes. Binder’s ABA-based approach to workplace behavior engineering creatively incorporates Skinner’s understanding of reinforcement and learning. It also capitalizes on those fundamentals by bringing effective precision teaching tools to the workplace culture. Leaders looking to cultivate productive, profitable work environments won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn principles and strategies that create real results!

Find that course HERE.

The eLearning Store is proud to present this and other compelling presentations as part of The Gladys Williams International Scientist/Practitioner Forum. It is organized and Hosted by: Gladys Williams, Ed.D. & Richard Laitinen, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA.

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