Dr. Gladys Williams

About Dr. Gladys Williams, Ed.D. ABA

Dr. Gladys Williams is a specialist in curriculum design and verbal behavior with a doctoral degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Columbia University. Recognized internationally, Dr. Williams has received several awards for her contribution to the field of special education and created effective programs for children with autism and learning disabilities in the US, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. She is currently on the board of several behavior analysis journals and is an active member of the Association of Behavior Analysis International. Dr. Williams is also cofounder along with Dr. Richard Laitinen of the The Gladys Williams International Scientist/Practitioner Forum.


About Critical Repertoires of Scientist Practitioners

Dr. Gladys Williams hosts a discussion forum that covers the range of essential, basic repertoires paramount to the success of ABA scientists and practitioners, from theoretical preparation to experiential application. The presentation also fosters dialogue on the observable shortcomings of contemporary ABA training and education, including possible solutions and suggestions that could bridge gaps and further the advancement of future generations. Find the course HERE.


About the Role of Echolalia in the Continuum of Language Development

In this video, Dr. Gladys Williams creates a dialogue around a study focused on comparing the intraverbal and echolalic behavior of neurotypical children to that of children with autism, and the correlation between language skills and echolalia, in an attempt to illuminate the curiosities of echolalia to special needs practitioners. She defines echoic, intraverbal, and echolalic behavior, details the study’s procedures and results, and discusses the verbal continuum from its history to the future of its research. Find the course HERE.

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