Dr. Guy Bruce, Ed.D.

Since earning his Ed. D. in Educational Psychology from the Behavior Analysis in Human Resources program at West Virginia University, Dr. Bruce has taught behavior analysis in both undergraduate and graduate programs and consulted with variety of organizations. He is the author of Instructional Design Made Easy – a workbook for designing more efficient learning programs, and EARS, a pragmatic, organizational performance engineering process that can be used to improve how people work together so that every client or student makes efficient progress. EARS is an acronym for:

1) Evaluate student progress;
2) Analyze causes of teacher performance problems and the performance problems of those who provide resources, training, and management to support the teacher;
3) Recommend changes in teacher and provider resources, training, and management; and
4) Solve provider performance problems by designing and implementing recommended solutions.

In addition to conducting EARS workshops, he is writing a second book, Engineering Schools for Student Success, and designing a web-mobile application, “Progress Charter‚” that will make it easier for schools to design and implement the EARS process.

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