Anne Wormald, BCBA

I am a board certified behavior analyst who grew up in Ontario, Canada in a house where the principles of ABA were widely used in the form of TAGteach ( I came to understand and use positive reinforcement from a very young age through TAGteach and animal training, and went on to complete my Masters of Applied Disability Studies with a specialization in ABA from Brock University.

Since getting my masters I have worked in adapted school settings where I learned about Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction, as well as home settings providing parent training from a verbal behavior approach. I have also become a TAGteach faculty member, responsible for certifying new TAGteachers. I met Vicci Tucci, developer of the Competent Learner Model (CLM), in 2018 when I presented at the Precision Teaching Conference. I made the big move to California to learn the CLM. Since then, I have furthered my precision teaching and direct instruction knowledge by attending Morningside Academy, and currently offer in-house training on integrating precision teaching with the CLM.

I am passionate about helping others break behaviors down into their component pieces, teaching skills using shaping, and tracking progress using a standard graphic display. My goal is to use these tools as well as some creativity, to eliminate the need for hands-on physical prompting in our field.

I am an outdoor enthusiast with a recreation undergrad degree. I love helping learners develop the skills they need to get outside with their families.