Liyu Chen, BCBA-D

I am a doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst and have gained a comprehensive understanding of the field of ABA through academic study, extensive work, volunteer experience, publishing and presentations. Since entering graduate school, I have been in the field of ABA for more than 20 years. 

I started my career in the ABA field after attending a Master Program of Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Tech in 2000, and earned a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology with a concentration in ABA from West Virginia University in 2014. 

For my doctorate projects, I designed a learning model based on ABA concepts and completed an instructional design to motivate Asian students in learning. My experience includes being a co-instructor for an ABA online program and a teaching assistantship at Florida Tech, being a student teacher and supporting a CLM project at the West Virginia University nursery school and conducting training for parents and colleagues at Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. 

I have also presented at more than a hundred ABA workshops and conferences across China, Taiwan and the United States, and have published a book, “Teaching Baby Very Easy”, to help readers understand and use ABA concepts in Taiwan and China. 

In addition, I always encourage my colleagues and co-workers to pursue their goals and assist them through supervision and otherwise successfully assisting their efforts to pass the BCBA exams and receive their RBT certificates. 

I feel very grateful and fortunate to have had a very kind and supportive boss in Tucci Learning Solutions, and many inspirational professors and mentors in my life. Through their example, I have developed a real passion for teaching, and strive to support my students, colleagues and supervisees to achieve their goals.