Rae-Ann Arevalo

The CLM was introduced to me by Vicci Tucci in California in 2003 when I was a teacher in a special day class for students with ASD. In 2005, I  joined Tucci Learning Solutions as a Coordinator of Services, coaching classroom staff as well as managing home programs and providing parent training. With 13 years of teaching experience in general and special education in Canada and the United States, my professional journey continued, learning in the ABA world by becoming both a certified CLM Coach and CLM Coordinator.  My expertise is supporting parents and caregivers as well as classroom teachers to learn to implement the CLM in a reinforcing way. My passion is recognizing that adults are learners who need reinforcement for their learning as well. Currently, I am the Director of Staff Development at Tucci Learning Solutions and I am conducting CLM coaching and coordination in international implementations.