Free Introductory Competent Learner Model Unit


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Curious about what the Competent Learner Model (CLM) is all about? This free introductory interactive unit provides examples of ABA programming in homes and schools. You will observe instruction that promotes learning new skills while weakening less desirable behaviors that are not socially appropriate. 

Learn how the 7 CLM repertoires are the core of learning academics, social skills and functional skills. The introduction examines what can be changed in an environment so that learners can be more successful. Most importantly, it illustrates how it is the goal for  learners to participate as independently as possible without behaviors that interfere with their daily functioning. 

This is a great unit for parents, family members, school administrators, educators and anyone who is interested in learning more about the CLM system.

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Free Introductory Competent Learner Model Unit

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