Competent Learner Model, Unit 9A (CLM Lessons 1-3)



In Lessons 1-3 participants will learn to provide instruction such as using appropriate materials, meaningful reinforcement that promotes learning, and the correct use of fading prompts. These lessons detail how to begin to provide instruction to learners who are aversive to directions or task demand. 

These lessons are designed with a short presentation of typed information and videos followed by 1-5 questions that are related to the lesson content. Don’t worry about getting an answer incorrect. There is an opportunity to retype your answer after you check your responses. The goal is for you to be successful in understanding and using the lesson content. 

In this unit, the applied behavior analysis (ABA) concepts of shaping, prompting/fading, continuous schedule of reinforcement, approximation, complex behavior, discrimination and  differential reinforcement are presented in a way that educators, parents and newcomers to the ABA world can understand. 

CEU participants must complete the evaluation feedback form that is embedded at the end of the online unit to receive certification via email.

Recommended prerequisite: Free CLM Introductory Unit

Recommended follow up: CLM Unit 9A (CLM Lesson 4)

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Competent Learner Model, Unit 9A (CLM Lessons 1-3)

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