Competent Learner Model Unit 9A (Lessons 5-7)



A learner who is participating in  lessons 5-7 in the CLM curriculum values meaningful reinforcement, has some established skills to follow directions and continues at tasks for a short amount of time. This unit focuses on different ways to successfully use reinforcement when teaching new concepts, strengthening new skills and maintaining skill development. You will learn about sources of reinforcement (educational, social and automatic) and why instructors should always be on the lookout for new potential reinforcers. 

These lessons focus on shaping (reinforcing forms of desired behavior) to improve behavior, generalized conditioned reinforcement and how to systematically transfer the instructional control, or “power” from a preferred person, item, place or activity to lesser preferred stimuli.  

CEU participants must complete the evaluation feedback form that is embedded at the end of the online unit to receive certification via email.

Recommended prerequisites: CLM Unit 9A (CLM Lessons 1-3) & CLM Unit 9A (CLM Lesson 4)

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Competent Learner Model Unit 9A (Lessons 5-7)

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