Coaching for Competent Learner Model Units by a Certified CLM Coach



Coaching for Competent Learner Model Units allows the student to develop mastery of each unit’s content and application of instructional conditions. Designed into the unit are strategies for strengthening desired behaviors, while weakening the behaviors that are less desired. Working with a Competent Learner Model coach, you will learn and practice modifications to the home and school settings that promote learner participation.

The Competent Learner Model Course of Study teaches parents and educators how to set learners up to be successful. This online set of units utilizes video examples which will ensure educators’ and parents’ mastery of a necessary set of skills. BCBA Certified Coaches or certified Competent Learner Model coaches perform the one on one coaching. Upon the completion of each unit, participants can arrange a video visit with a Competent Learner Model coach in which you will demonstrate the unit’s concept in action. You will receive feedback on your work from the Competent Learner Model Coach and then be ready to move on to the next unit of study.

The goal is for both you and your learner(s) to be successful in applying learned strategies in everyday situations. The Competent Learner Model units are a self paced curriculum that fits into the busy schedules of both parents and educators. The reward for time spent is immense. Your effort will begin to positively impact your learner from the first unit and your confidence in your ability to implement the Competent Learner Model‘s concepts and strategies will grow as you progress and demonstrate your proficiency to your coach.

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Coaching for Competent Learner Model Units by a Certified CLM Coach

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