Coaching For Precision Teaching



Precision teaching coaching is for those who:
  • Are new to or just starting out on their precision teaching journey
  • Want expert help with how to read the chart
  • Would like to begin converting their ABA programming to this sensitive and evidence based data collection system
  • Would like to learn how to use the chart with Competent Learner Model programming
  • Are BCBAs in Training and want to learn this state of the art system

Learn precision teaching and how to implement this data collection system in your Competent Learner Model and Applied Behavior Analysis programs. Your precision teaching coach will introduce the Standard Celeration Chart. Experts recognize it as the most precise and sensitive tool for displaying and analyzing behavioral change data in our field. Your coach will also support you in converting your current programming to a format that can be charted and monitored on the Standard Celeration Chart. You will learn to break learner behaviors down into their smallest component pieces. You will define those component pieces in a way that is clear to all data collectors (called Pinpointing), record the data, and chart the frequency of your learner behaviors.

No matter if you have years of experience with Precision Teaching or have just been introduced to the concept, our coaches will meet you where you are, identify goals, and help you work towards mastery. Learn from industry professionals with decades of experience and bring your ABA programming and outcomes to the next level.

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Coaching For Precision Teaching

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