Competent Learner Model, Unit 9A (Lesson 4)



Lessons 1-3 focus on how to present instruction using positive reinforcement, conditioning stimuli, and stimulus discrimination to learners who are adversive to instruction. This helps develop learners who are beginning to engage with the instructor, beginning to respond to positive reinforcement and are ready to better participate in learning. 

Lesson 4 continues by slowly introducing instruction with a little more demand that is quickly followed by meaningfully reinforcement with a highly preferred instructor, parent, caregiver or teacher. You will learn to use prompting and fading to support your learners to become as independent as possible. 

The online content is delivered in short written segments accompanied with videos and 1-5 questions to check comprehension. 

CEU participants must complete the evaluation feedback form that is embedded at the end of the online unit to receive certification via email.

Recommended prerequisite: CLM Unit 9A (CLM Lessons 1-3) 

Recommended follow up: CLM Unit 9A (CLM Lessons 5-7)


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Competent Learner Model, Unit 9A (Lesson 4)

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