Poster: CLRA Levels Pre-1 to 4



The Competent Learner Repertoire Assessment (CLRA) poster includes a brief description of each CLRA track. A description of the final lesson for each track is listed. This quick reference tool illustrates the learning progression through the five CLRA levels (Pre-1 to 4). 

This poster is a great visual training aid to help understand the targeted behavior that is assessed in each CLRA level. 

Dimensions: 20 x 20 inches. Posters are UV printed on double white material that makes the graphic jump off the page. The durable material no longer requires lamination for protection, and the PVC has a low memory, so even after being rolled, it lays flat for wherever you place it. 

This product will only be sold to CLM licensed organizations and professionals.

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Poster: CLRA Levels Pre-1 to 4

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