Current Status in Stimulus-Stimulus Pairing in Applied Settings



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In this presentation, Dr. Richard Laitinen expounds on the history, concepts, findings, and current status of respondent conditioning, with an eye toward creating a forum discussion around the heterogeneous findings of previous stimulus-stimulus pairings. He examines Stephanie da Silva and April Michele Williams’ “Translation of Stimulus-Stimulus Pairings: Autoshaping of Learner Vocalizations”, details key figures in the evolution of classical conditioning, identifies and elucidates the types of respondent contingencies, defines the components of pairing contingencies, and discusses the conditioning contingencies that inhibit responding.

Dr. Richard Laitinen is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, with a doctoral degree from the University of California in Santa Barbara, and post doctoral studies from the University of Washington, in Seattle. Dr. Laitinen is a curriculum and instructional delivery expert. He is also the Clinical and Development Director at Educational and Developmental Therapies in California. Dr. Laitinen is an active member of the Association of Behavior Analysis International.

Presented by Dr. Richard Laitinen, 11/6/2020

About Dr. Laitinen:
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Current Status in Stimulus-Stimulus Pairing in Applied Settings

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