Functional Activities for Competent Learner Model Repertoires



Presented by:

Ilene Allinger Candreva, BCBA

A deck of 100 cards to teach CLM repertoires through daily activities. One side contains a materials list and step-by-step directions for the activity; the flip side provides guidance on customizing the activity to the learner’s current CLM level.

There are three main ways to use these cards. Parents and ABA professionals who are familiar with the CLM, or are not, can choose whichever one works best for them, the learner and the particular situation.

Choose the activity first: Flip through the deck and pull out a few preferred activities. Your learner should then be motivated to join the activity and you can sneak in the learning opportunities. This method is GREAT with reluctant learners!

Choose the CLM repertoire first: Select cards based on the target repertoire – look at the blocks on the left side of each card for guidance. Use the How To Include Repertoires side to help you customize the activity to the learner’s current format. This method is ideal for learners struggling with a given repertoire!

Choose the area of learning first: Decide on a life-skill area for the session’s focus. Use the colors at the top of the card to guide your choices. This approach works great with non-CLM goals or parent preferences.

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Functional Activities for Competent Learner Model Repertoires

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