Integrating Organizational Values with Operational Performance



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69th GW International Scientist/Practitioner Forum

Topic: Integrating Organizational Values with Operational Performance

A presentation by Dr. Carl Binder, 9/24/2021

Carl Binder from the Performance Thinking Network™  is joined by Gladys Williams, Richard Laitinen, and colleagues in a dynamic discussion about the Six Boxes model: a user-friendly, systems-based approach that empowers organizations and leaders to apply proven strategies to their organizational culture. Using the Six Boxes framework, managers can gain the skills needed to become leaders and are equipped with tools to engineer workplace environments to increase work output, improve performance, strengthen teams, and ultimately achieve and exceed both small and broad outcomes. Binder’s ABA-based approach to workplace behavior engineering creatively incorporates Skinner’s understanding of reinforcement and learning, and capitalizes on those fundamentals by bringing effective precision teaching tools to the workplace culture. Leaders looking to cultivate productive, profitable work environments won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn principles and strategies that create real results!

About Dr. Binder:

Performance Thinking: The Six Boxes

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The Gladys Williams International Scientist/Practitioner Forum

Organized and Hosted by: Gladys Williams, Ed.D. & Richard Laitinen, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA



Integrating Organizational Values with Operational Performance

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