Kaden’s Shells, by Jeanie Gould


Kaden’s Shells takes place in the quaint beach town of Pacific Grove. This whimsical story is written to help enlighten young children beginning their school journey.

Young Kaden is spending a week with his grandparents, and as they delightfully explore the many marvels at the beach, his grandma takes this opportunity to weave in a few life lessons of understanding, compassion, and empathy for those with differences; celebrating their super powers… not despite of their differences, but because of them.

Their talks then influence Kaden’s nightly, adventurous dreams where he engages with a variety of friends– each with a different disability–exploring each other’s super powers. These dreams teach him that we are all more alike than we are different, and just like him, we all just want to be understood, loved, and accepted…and that WE ALL have super powers to share.

This sensitively written story by California author Jeanie Gould is a wonderful catalyst for discussion to help children better understand and support children with differences, thus supporting their peers, making new friends, and ultimately stretching their own character.

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Kaden’s Shells, by Jeanie Gould

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