Poster: CLM Curriculum Level Pre-1



Looking for quick visual references for the first 16 lessons of the CLM curriculum? 

This poster provides information about what learners will learn to do in each lesson. 

The accompanying CLM Scope & Sequence Chart Overview PowerPoint explains how the CLM curriculum is designed. It illustrates how the CLM Pre-1 and Level 1 curricula shape skills across lessons.  

Each of the colored cells on the chart provides a brief description of the skill that is being developed through instruction. Green cells describe the first component/dimension of the skill and red cells indicate the final form of the component of the repertoire. 

Poster dimensions: 32 x 36 inches. Posters are UV printed on double white material that makes the graphic jump off the page. The durable material no longer requires lamination for protection, and the PVC has a low memory, so even after being rolled, it lays flat for wherever you place it. 

This product will only be sold to CLM licensed organizations and professionals.

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Poster: CLM Curriculum Level Pre-1

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