Poster: First 7 Lessons



In the early CLM lessons, we want the learner to engage in simple interactions with others. The instructor does not demand specific behaviors, but sets numerous occasions to reinforce various behaviors. Instruction is playful and highly preferred items and activities are used. This poster illustrates the actions of the instructor, what CLM repertoires are taught in each lesson and what the learner will be doing.  

By systematically creating enjoyment and motivation to learn and interact with others, learners are better prepared to engage in more formal instruction. This illustration is a great tool to explain how the important foundations of learning are designed in the early lessons. 

An English version of the First 7 Lessons PowerPoint is included with the purchase of this poster. The included PowerPoint Presentation provides a detailed explanation for the color coding on the poster.  

Dimensions: 24″ wide and 18″ high.

Available in both English and Spanish.

This product will only be sold to CLM licensed organizations and professionals.

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Poster: First 7 Lessons

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