Selecting and Designing Contingencies



The design and implementation of effective contingencies to solve problems of social importance is the core of behavior analysis. This manual compiles many of the contingencies known to reflect evidenced-based practices for achieving ethical change in undesirable behavior. For BCBAs and BCaBAs, service providers, educators, and parents already familiar with the principles and operations of behavior analysis, these worksheets are a convenient means of standardizing your communication and documentation of procedures.

For those less familiar with ABA, these contingency guides will provide an overview of the critical concepts, principles and operations of the ethical utilization of each of the contingency. 

An extremely helpful one page quick reference guide that leads the provider through a set of key questions that help localize which contingencies to utilize for which purpose. 

Each contingency description is designed so that the contingencies can be individualized for the client. This is important because it ensures that ethical safeguards are being followed in the delivery of that program. Moreover, these worksheets will assist the service provider in selecting and delivering the right contingency(ies), for the right reason, and in the right way for each and every consumer of ABA, direct instruction and precision teaching services.

Selecting and Designing Contingencies is available in PDF or spiral bound copy through the eLearning Store. It was written by Vicci Tucci, MA, BCBA.

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Selecting and Designing Contingencies

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